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Coaching for Results in Business

By CAKE PD, Jul 11 2017 12:27PM

Whilst coaching has been a key part of sporting success for many years, more recently it has been highlighted as an essential business tool.

In today's fast moving and complex global world, coaching is increasingly the most effective way of achieving sustained learning and development of both individuals and teams. Top performance results from properly focused attention and investment.

Increasingly companies are turning to coaching to complement the overall development of the individual. After all, it's individuals that create excellence. This approach allows space for conventional technical skill based training as well as a focus on individual issues that enhance performance. And the results are staggering.

Coaching is about shifting the workplace culture from one where people receive direction from others to one where people commit to doing things they care passionately about. The process encourages the development of personal leadership and responsibility throughout the organisation.

Coaching assists individuals and teams to focus on possibilities and remove limitations. It helps people overcome obstacles to their success, including their attitudes, beliefs and behaviours. Perhaps even more importantly it provides a model for giving and receiving constructive feedback.

As a leadership style, coaching focuses on the future, on what is possible - encouraging multi-level decision-making and evolutionary learning. Leaders support, inform and influence, resulting in performance being measured against shared goals with strong personal commitment by team members.

CAKE creates tailored coaching programmes designed to fit your business perfectly. Many ‘off the shelf’ programmes can provide a few useful generic tips to improve members of your team, but the CAKE approach delves deeper - looking into your specific needs.

We get to know your business so we can help you can bring out the best in everyone.

CAKE has many years' of experience in going into businesses and quickly grasping how things work. Our passion is devising a programme to nurture the development of your talented team.

We are delighted to announce our 3rd annual coaching and mentoring conference 'The Coaching Conversation 2017' with guest speaker David Clutterbuck. BOOK YOUR TICKET HERE!

For more information on how we can help, call the CAKE Team on 01603 733006 or email

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