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Leading in a Crisis - We are all in the same boat!

By CAKE PD, Mar 13 2020 12:35PM

The world is in the middle of a major crisis; we are facing levels of uncertainty and heading into unchartered waters, never experienced before.

Never before has leadership been tested in such away. The way you, as a leader, behave and act now will determine whether you are a good or poor one.

Every sensible business right now is continually planning for the worst-case scenario. There isn’t a manual or how-to guide to get you through this. While there may be specific set protocols in place, the current situation is unique.

While striving to keep your business running as smoothly as possible, the health and wellbeing of your employees are paramount.

Here we look at some factors that will hopefully help you respond personally to each challenge.

You may find yourself in a stressful and tense atmosphere; this can put enormous pressure on your mental and physical wellbeing leading to an agitated state.

It’s time to stop and take a breath and know that you are in more control than you think. Take charge of your thoughts and your emotions; don’t let your employees lose faith in your abilities.

Stay positive; it may feel like a tsunami is heading straight for you, now you can choose to get swept away or decide to make something positive out of it… there’s always a choice at the end of the day.

Your employes are looking to you for guidance; if you show a positive demeanour, they will feel inspired and productive. With the right approach, even the worst complainers can become your best problem solvers.

As best you can, manage expectations. We know the worst is yet to come, you need to share the seriousness, and the potential impact it may have but prepare your employees for the long term, and remember, it’s not your fault. This is unprecedented; there will be decisions made that you have no control over. It’s essential to keep your composure.

It’s time to be brave and shows no fear… fear itself is contagious, your employees, clients and all stakeholders may feel scared. Show confidence, face the reality of the situation and as much as is possible plan ahead.

Collaborate, seek advice, look at the strategy, revisit and adapt it regularly, to allow sensible decision making, but always be decisive.

Draw on your network, your community. No one is an island, support your peers, help other leaders to cope, bringing you together promotes a feeling of ‘we’ll get through this together.’

We can’t predict how the next few months will unfold, but we can identify behaviours, share tips, techniques and tools that can best support you in coping effectively… learning from others is a great way to start.

Our experience and network are wide and far-reaching, and we are here to listen, support and help where we can.

We are all in the same boat – it would be great to talk – call 01603 733006

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