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The Power of The Coaching Leader

By CAKE PD, Oct 12 2017 02:08PM

It amazes me that there is still such a gaping hole in businesses today when it comes to coaching in the workplace.

Today’s leaders are given more responsibilities all the time, for issues they have no experience of and they are given no advice, support, coaching or feedback to help them be a better leader.

I’m not encouraging giving people the answers but give them perspective and ideas so they can be successful! The idea is to open up the many aspects of coaching and help business managers and executives understand how to use coaching and mentoring effectively as part of everyday working life.

Done well, good coaching is so worthwhile and has a positive impact on employee engagement, retention and performance.

It is really a powerful development tool for managers and leaders, helping them be the best they can be, when they ‘get it’ or have their ‘lightbulb moment’ the impact on the individual and the business is immense.

If you ask an employee who has had a good coaching relationship with their manager what’s great about it, they will tell you, “my manager actually cares; they listen and give me a different perspective”.

The power of coaching for the person being coached is momentous.

To have insight on how something looks outside of yourself, and ideas on how to make it even better, will only lead to success. Good perspective saves time, effort and frustration.

Simply put coaching is a conversation between two people engaging to help someone to take something to another level.

Can you imagine the strength of an organization if every employee came into work tomorrow with the commitment to solicit feedback and coaching to be better in their role, and committed to providing coaching and feedback to others so they are more successful in their role?

It’s mind-boggling but not impossible, so why isn’t it happening?

Let’s dispel the myths around coaching, come and hear how it works and works well by joining us at our coaching and mentoring conference ‘The Coaching Conversation 2017’ to be held at Center Parcs, Elveden Forest, Suffolk, IP24 3TR November 15th.

Book your place today and we look forward to seeing you then.

If you are unable to make the conference but would like a conversation, please call the CAKE Team on 01603 733006.

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