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Why does Menopause matter in the workplace?

By CAKE PD, Jan 4 2018 02:31PM

HR professionals, managers and employers are invited to join Wellbeing Consultant and Menopause Expert Diane Danzebrink for this introduction to menopause and why it matters in the workplace.

Every woman will experience the menopause and with more women in the workplace than ever before menopause should be on the agenda of every forward thinking employer, whether large or small.

Menopause symptoms can have a significant impact on a womans life and work, the concequences of this for both the individual and the organisation can be significantly improved with the correct information, education, advice and support.

Diane will speak about the following to allow you to decide what next steps might be suitable for your organisation.

What is the Menopause?

What are the symptoms?

How can it affect work?

What can employers do to help?

Why does menopause matter?

Ticket price includes a light breakfast and your choice of beverage.

Diane Danzebrink Wellbeing Consultant and Menopause Expert

Organiser of Why Menopause Matters in the Workplace

Diane is a Wellbeing Consultant and Menopause Expert who specialises in providing bespoke training and support solutions for businesses and organisations and private consultancy services for women and couples experiencing menopause.

A professional coach and therapist Diane has completed clinical menopause training for nurses and is the media lay spokesperson for the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists and a member of The British Menopause Society. Regularly interviewed by the media she has appeared on the BBC, ITV’s Lorraine and Good Morning Britain, Channel 5 and BBC Radio. Diane is a passionate campaigner and advocate for improved care and support for women experiencing menopause both in and out of the workplace and will be a consultant on the upcoming Royal College of General Practitioners curriculum review. She is currently working with the Shadow Minister for Women and Equalities to raise awareness of menopause in the workplace amongst cross party members and employers. Diane was invited to speak at the launch of the Wales TUC survey on menopause at the Welsh Assembly in September and she has recently recorded an educational video for the TUC as a tool to assist union representatives when introducing menopause in to the conversation with colleagues.

CAKE People Development is delighted to be supporting this event. Menopause is often seen as a taboo subject we believe needs to be brought to the fore and openly discussed by both men and women, unlike in previous generations. We need to prepare women about to enter menopause, support women experiencing symptoms and educate employers. This workshop is a must for both men and women to help them understand more about the subject.

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