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By CAKE PD, Apr 6 2020 08:56AM

We are experiencing the biggest change to our lives ever known and for business, the entire ecosystem is changed forever, our customers, competitors, suppliers and partners. Everything changed due to the global pandemic.

As difficult as it may be, understanding and dealing with this forced change is going to be critical in the coming months.

We used to talk about developing excellence in change management as a way of giving organisations the competitive advantage. Now, in the different world we are operating in, we talk about it to survive.

We are all in this together, now is the time for us all to become better corporate citizens. Collaborating, sharing insights and supporting each other where we can.

The world of work has changed for everyone, it’s time to focus on the wider impact this forced change has had and in particular, on our people; how they are as individuals and as teams. How are they coping with the move from what they knew to the ‘new normal’? The situation impacts the whole organisation and the people touched by it.

Much will have had a negative effect on your teams, their wellbeing and performance. We need to help our teams recover, adapt and ultimately thrive.

How you manage process, systems, organisation structure, job roles, and overall morale during this transition period will have lasting consequences long after this dreadful pandemic is over.

During this unprecedented time of change, we can help and support you, your leadership and wider teams to adapt to the change forced upon them.

We can use a blend of approaches to ensure that the changes are sensitively and smoothly implemented; and that lasting benefits are achieved.

Managing this change is critical to ensure continued survival and we are here to help.

This is our area of expertise; we can support you through this.

Get in touch, lets talk about how we can help.

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