Sometimes you just need CAKE...

Providing the right mix of coaching,mentoring and development solutions.

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Sometimes you just need CAKE... Your Training & Development Partner.

Elon Musk said " If you're trying to create a company, it's like baking a cake. You have to have all the ingredients in the right proportion"


That's how we think... when we work with you, we take your ideas and formulate a recipe to help you bake your cake.


We can either bake the cake for you, or provide you with the ingredients to help you bake your own.


Simply put, we work with you to provide the right mix of the right ingredients to meet the needs of your business.

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At CAKE, we believe that developing people should be the essential ingredient at the heart of every organisation.


We specialise in providing the right mix of coaching, mentoring, leadership and management development solutions.  We help organisations develop and deliver their learning and development strategies, through our innovative, blended learning approach, and inspire individuals to reach their full potential.


Our CAKE team are highly experienced learning and development professionals with a passion and commitment to making a difference, whether at an individual, team or organisational level and we pride ourselves on our reputation and business relationships.


As a result of our reputation, CAKE has built a broad client portfolio across all business sectors and we work regularly in partnership with clients both in the UK and internationally.


Through our collaborative approach, using CAKE as a metaphor for you and your organisation, we take the time to understand your business (your CAKE), the culture and the heart of your organisation, your people.  We help to identify what ingredients are needed for your recipe of success.  Stripping back the jargon and hype, we provide sustainable, quality development initiatives with tangible results, the perfect CAKE.


We are specialists in Leadership and Management Development, Coaching and Mentoring, and Organisational Development.  We are approved and accredited by both the ILM (Institute of Leadership and Management) and CMI (Chartered Management Institute) to deliver qualifications to Level 7 in Leadership and Management and Coaching and Mentoring.


Outside of colleges and universities we are one of the few ILM accredited centres in the country with ‘Direct Claim’ status for all our ILM programmes, something we are rather proud of.


For further details on how you can have your CAKE and eat it, t please call the team on 01603 733006.